A Path to Excellence Audiobook

A Path to Excellence is a fantastic journey of discovering, empowering, and transforming the self. Whether you are looking for personal or professional development, guidance on how to get unstuck, or want a different perspective on life, you’ll love this book. You’ll learn to overcome challenges more effectively, grow your confidence and achieve your highest potential. A Path to Excellence is a self-help, life-coaching and inspiration book to help you reach your full potential. This book is unique in that it focuses on developing skills and strategies and becoming a better person as you strive for excellence in your life and career.


Are you tired of settling for mediocrity? Do you want to become a high-achiever?

A Path to Excellence Audiobook teaches you to go inward, find your inner strength, and become the master of your destiny. This is a proven blueprint for overcoming challenges and creating the most effective pathway to achieving your true potential.

A Path to Excellence” is Tony Jeton Selimi’s latest edition in the series of self-help and self-mastery books: with a twist. Unlike everything else in the market, he aims to support you along the ever-evolving journey of positive development beyond oneself. Although reaching a vision of excellence is complex and requires patience, it benefits those who want to succeed and live a prosperous, successful, meaningful personal, professional and business life. With over thirty years of experience, Tony tackles the most prevalent problems that prevent you from growing into your full potential. He shows you how to use The Octagon of Excellence Method as an effective personal path to overcome frustrations, obstacles, and pains to climb greater heights. He outlines the eight essential elements of human excellence and details how you can apply them consistently and continuously to enhance your mental, emotional, spiritual, family, relationship, social, career/business, and financial performance. Perhaps most importantly, this book will help you see that you control your destiny through your choices, decisions and your focused actions. You are the only one who can take complete control of how much you want to excel—this alone puts you in a position to direct the course of your own life. In a nutshell, this book is a blueprint to break all your inner barriers and improve oneself in every aspect of life.”

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  1. Marie Diamond, Global Transformational Teacher, a star from The Secret.

    “Gives you valuable insights into the science of changing, growing, and transforming your mindset that will support you in achieving excellence.”

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