How to Live a Life Beyond Oneself and Be the Champion You Are Meant to Be

There is only one you in the universe, and there is nothing else like you. Setting a vision for your life is the beginning of a lifelong adventure. A Path to Excellence gives you the tools to become a top achiever, changemaker, and performer who never settles for average but instead consistently strives towards excellence. You will be equipped with practical strategies to climb greater heights, reach your dreams and live a fulfilled life; all available now via

“This book was written to share life’s lessons, which can make all the difference in your journey to a better life. It takes you on a journey with past examples and future goals that anyone can accomplish. It is based on the true story of someone who fought the odds and succeeded. A battle cry for the underdog, this book is not just for those at their lowest point in life, but also for everyone who wants more out of life.,” said Megan, a client of mine.

Across the globe, people aspire to be better. While only a few are willing to put in the work required to accomplish this, there are still more that fail to develop their full potential. The amount of untapped talent across the world is alarming. We live in a society conditioned by materialism and instant gratification. People can easily get lost along the way and never reach their destination because they do not have a goal in mind.

This book is my gift to you so you can live your dreams enthusiastically, approach life with curiosity and zeal, remove roadblocks that may be holding you back from achieving your potential, be master of your destiny and live life on your terms.

Love and Wisdom

Tony J. Selimi