A Path to Excellence

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Reaching a vision of excellence requires patience, persistence, and benefits those who want to keep growing to their fullest potential, make their dreams come true, overcome challenges with ease, know that they want more from life and self, succeed and live a prosperous, successful, and fulfilled life. A Path to Excellence is a book that will allow you to get unstuck from negative beliefs, thoughts, and patterns and tap into your inner power and confidence to overcome any fear or doubt that may be blocking you from becoming the best version of yourself. This book is a powerful collection of principles, advice, and exercises that can help those who want to improve their lives. You’ll uncover proven strategies to climb greater heights, become a top performer and grow your confidence and resilience. You’ll learn how to embrace eight life cycles and grow through each so you can reach your complete potential daily. Become more certain about where you want to go and why; embrace who you are becoming today and commit to doing what it takes to get there! It will show you the tools, mindsets and strategies that successful people use to become excellent in their lives.



You are born to have big ambitions for the future, but those dreams only become a reality if you do something about them regularly. Extraordinary living requires a commitment to achieving personal excellence and transforming your mind. It involves perseverance, the courage to leave your comfort zone, and the ability to make informed choices, decisions and full responsibility for the life you want to create. In other words, you acknowledge that no one else can do it for you. Achieving audacious goals requires you to elevate your thinking, master your emotions, and be clear on specific actions, choices, and decisions you need to take daily. Whether you fantasise about a loving relationship, changing your job, landing that big promotion, being a Gold Winning Olympian, winning America Got Talent, becoming an influencer, or setting up as an entrepreneur and successfully growing your business and attaining financial freedom, A Path to Excellence creates a clear pathway to the future you want now. Drawing on cutting-edge research from neuro and behavioural science, CBT, NLP, psychology, healing, engineering, technology, business, and the thousands of clients he has helped, as well as from his transformation journey, Tony Jeton Selimi offers immediate actionable solutions and tips that will help you build the confidence, momentum, and the resilience needed to get closer to your dream future, every day. Your question of why pursuing excellence is better than settling for mediocrity and what you can do to grow into your fullest potential will be answered. You were created to produce excellence, so now you have no reason to procrastinate.

Why A Path to Excellence?

Your desires cannot be stopped. What you can do is gain a comprehensive understanding of how by using The Octagon of Excellence, a blend of scientific and holistic principles, you can question the b**sh** rules that have hijacked your greatness, transcend old paradigms, and overcome the obstacles you may encounter on your quest for growth, excellence, and fulfilment. This is not once of the work; it is an ever-evolving process which you carry out following the inevitable eight cycles of life and the natural laws of human development.

Man On A Mission

Tony's mission is to inspire and teach men and women of all professions, nationalities, creeds and colours how to become purposeful and disciplined masters of themselves and dedicated and inspired leaders and teachers of others. Through films, documentaries, books, speaking, coaching, mentoring, education, and training, they build spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, vocational/business, financial, familial, and social awareness, thus more effectively and efficiently serving humanity, exemplifying high human potential.

His unshakeable vision and purpose in life are to help One Billion people achieve personal, relationship, career, business and financial transformations faster and easier than ever imagined. To infiltrate his science-based breakthrough methods, one-of-a-kind principles and teachings in business, leadership, government, healthcare, and education and ultimately contribute towards accomplishing the 17 UN development goals and the evolution of human consciousness.

Award Winning Author

Tony J. Selimi is a Multi-award winning Transformational Life and Business Coach of many awards, including the London SME Most Visionary Entrepreneur and Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Business Coach of the Year Award. He authored the multi-award-winning books A Path to Wisdom, #Loneliness, The Unfakeable Code®, and A Path to Excellence in the following categories: Personal Growth and Development, Self-Improvement, Self Help, Inspirational, Motivational, Entrepreneurship, and Business and Leadership. Selimi quotes, "Education, Experience, and Empowerment most certainly change your perspective. The things we share in our world are far more valuable than those which divide us."

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3 reviews for A Path to Excellence

  1. 5 out of 5

    John Rain

    One of the best books I have read in the last year. The author has done a great job delivering a blueprint for achieving your most significant potential in a methodical and easy-to-understand way. A wake-up call for people who lack self-confidence, self-worth, and self-discipline and are ready to redefine themselves amid adversity and choose to move forward in life with a grateful heart.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Megan Morgan

    I really loved the writing style of the author. As a big self-improvement fan, I enjoyed reading the book. The proven method Tony J./ Selimi shares in the book will teach you how pursuing excellence shows that you aren’t a victim of procrastination but a hero of your greatness who offers great value to the world.

  3. Marie Diamond

    Marie Diamond, Global Transformational Teacher, a star from The Secret, describes it as “A life manual that assists you in understanding how the Law of Attraction works, and it gives you valuable insights into the science of changing your mindset that will support you in achieving excellence.”

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A life manual that assists you in understanding how the Law of Attraction works, and it gives you valuable insights into the science of changing your mindset that will support you in achieving excellence.

Marie Diamond, Global Transformational Teacher, a star from The Secret

This book is the fastest way to uncover your true potential, live an incredible life, and reach higher growth, success, and fulfilment levels. A must-read for anyone looking to take their personal, professional and business life to the next level and leave a dent in the universe by learning to surpass the average and aim to achieve higher levels of growth, potential, and success.

New York Times

In A Path to Excellence, you will find the secrets no one wants you to know about personal excellence. Most people think about reaching their potential and living the life they have always wanted but have not taken action to make it a reality. This book will support you on your journey to get unstuck, face doubts, fears, and challenges, and reach for personal excellence. You will learn what stops your success, proven strategies to climb greater heights, become a top performer, grow your confidence, and embrace eight cycles of life—one of the year's best books on self-mastery.

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